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Bus Branding Pune

At Trailblazerr, we offer

DTC Bus Branding or Bus Branding solutions

to our clients, which without an iota of doubt offer the most effective means of brand promotion not just in a particular city, but through the entire state in which that city is located. Bus branding on DTC Bus, City Bus, Private Bus is one of the best practice to promote your brand in city. Since Public transport Buses run by state transport authorities usually run across the length and breadth of the entire state, every brand promotional message displayed on these buses is actually carried on these buses every day through a specified route, giving ample exposure to advertised brand as more and more eyeballs fall on it repeatedly over the rented period of the bus advertising slot.  

With Bus Branding, there are two advertising slots available on the left and right side of the bus, while the third one is available on the rear side or back side of the bus. However, if you are looking for maximum exposure to your brand through Bus branding, the most

effective slot for you would be the rear one located at the back side of the bus. This slot is also more expensive to rent because it stays in the eye line of the traffic for a longer duration of time.  

So, why not go for bus branding to advertise your brand more extensively in rural as well as cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Kanpur, Pune? Get in touch with Trailblazerr Consultant to explore your options.
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