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RWA Gate Branding

Most residential localities in cities have their own Resident welfare Association (RWA) to take care of the upkeep and maintenance of parks and roads in their residential blocks. Since these associations are also responsible for ensuring the safety of the residential block, they often resort to erection of fence around the block and RWA gates as well for keeping a tab on the people entering and exiting the residential block for security purposes.  

Since most of these RWAs are run by the residents of that block, they are often running on pretty constrained budgets. That’s why; most of these associations are quite open to the idea of a company installing their gates, and using the space available on the gates for promotion of its brands.

This is actually a win-win scenario, which is beneficial both for the company as well as the RWAs, because the company gets a good advertising spots to promote their products, while the RWAs get their gates installed for added security at no cost at all.

If you too are interested in grabbing some prominent advertising spots in residential localities in your city, then

RWA Gate branding

is one option that you should not miss by any chance. Just get in touch with our experts at Trailblazerr, and tap into this innovative method for promotion of your brand.


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